The Eco House Martin Nest Box is an artificial, hardwearing nest cup designed to match the size and shape of natural house martin nests. The nest is made from moulded resin/concrete/terracotta, comprising a bowl fixed to and attractive backing plate and roof constructed from 100% recycled waste plastic.

The roof design protects the nest from adverse weather, and allows the nest to be sited just under the eaves of your building.

When fitted in a suitable location, this nest will last for many years without any maintenance, making this affordable nesting option also a very durable one.

Position the nest beneath the eaves of the building at a minimum height of 2m for the best results. House martins often prefer to nest on east or north facing walls but the nest can be placed in walls facing any direction.

The Eco House Martin Nest means birds use less energy to produce their nest and do not need to find suitable nest building mud at a time of year when food and nesting materials can be in short supply.

£29.23 including VAT

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