The Eco Rocket Bat Box is a large self-contained bat box which comes with a mounting pole. It is the ideal solution for mitigation or habitat conservation projects where no suitable building or tree is available on which to mount a bat box.

A weatherproof recycled plastic outer shell protects a wooden roost chamber, providing a durable and safe environment for bats. The roosting area runs around the central pole, allowing bats to move within the box to select their preferred micro-habitat. This bat box is available in 4, 5, and 6 meter pole length options, with two internal configuration options for suitable for either crevice or cavity roosting bats.

£414.00£534.00 including VAT

Available Options

DescriptionPole LengthPrice
Eco Rocket Bat Box - 4 metre pole4 metre£414.00 including VAT
Eco Rocket Bat Box - 5 metre pole5 metre£492.00 including VAT
Eco Rocket Bat Box - 6 metre pole6 metre£534.00 including VAT

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