This Eco Small Bird Box features an exceptional and inventive construction that will provide an affordable and hardwearing home for tits, sparrows and flycatchers depending on the chosen entrance hole size. There are three entrance hole options available: 25m, 28mm, and 32mm.

The recycled plastic outer shell in combination with the wooden internal nesting chamber provides a robust, long lasting and comfortable home for most common garden birds.

The external box consists of a weatherproof outer shell made from UV stabilised 100% recycled plastic, while the inside the inner shell is a wooden nest box made from oriented strand board to provide the ideal environment for birds to nest in.

The outer shell has been precision cut and uses a system of tabs to hold it together after assembly. This further extends the lifespan of the box ensuring that there are no fixings holding the weatherproof shell together that could rust or degrade over time.

The 25mm entrance hole is primarily suitable for the smallest tit species such as blue tits, coal tits, and marsh tits. The 28mm diameter hole will attract all these species but also great tits, crested tits, and tree sparrows. The largest option, 32mm, will attract a larger range of species including house sparrows, great tits, nuthatches, and pied flycatchers.

£25.80 including VAT

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