Vivara Pro Sand Martin Nest Box

Sand Martins will usually excavate tunnels in soft sand beside rivers or lakes, with a nesting chamber at the far end. Because of this, manmade options for assisting breeding have traditionally been difficult to achieve. Sand Martins are also vulnerable during wet summers as their waterside nests may be flooded, or even destroyed by natural erosion.

This specially designed Sand Martin nest box is made of Ecoplate, a durable board made from recycled car seats, before being lined with WoodStone (a mix of wood fibres and concrete). When used in the right location, this combination of materials and design will deliver excellent breeding results as well as ensuring a long useful life for the nest box.

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Welcome wildlife to your garden and home with our range of bird and bat boxes. Made from FSC-certified wood and concrete, these boxes are attractive, durable and include a 10-year guarantee and free delivery.

Various sizes of bird boxes are available, including sizes suitable for swifts, house martins, starlings, owls, swallows, wagtails, woodpeckers, owls, and many more.

Meanwhile, our range of bat boxes has been developed in collaboration with bat specialists to ensure that they provide suitable roosting, nursing or hibernation spaces. They are ideal for use as part of a migration strategy, or to provide additional roosting habitats in green spaces.

Our ‘build-in’ range can be integrated into a new build or renovation – a key factor in planning applications and helping to support local wildlife. Helping protect and support local bat and bird populations has never been easier.


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