The Lakeland Star patio pack boasts striking, contemporary design features that will bring the ‘wow’ factor to your garden or outdoor space. Lakeland Star features a mix of two colours, gold and Cumbrian slate, or Welsh slate and Portland grey for a darker feature. Two variants are available: the North Star features the N, S, E & W compass points on the points of the star, while the Alternative Star replaces the gold ‘brick edging’ with paving in Cumbrian slate.

Meanwhile, the Lakeland Sun creates a dynamic impression in an outdoor space and is ideal for brightening up any corner. This design comes complete in a mix of two dramatic colours, gold and Cumbrian slate.

Both the Star and Sun patio packs include squared-off edges, allowing easy integration into other paving configurations.

£399.99 including VAT

Available Options

DescriptionPatio Diameter (Metres)Thickness (mm)Price
2.4m sun design patio pack2.4045£399.99 including VAT

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