Yorkshire Buff traditional stone paving from Easypave is manufactured from ethically-sourced, high-quality, hand-selected natural stone, ensuring the utmost consistency in quality. This versatile stone consists of a mixture of colours from shades of browns and greys, with hints of purples and golden shades. The Yorkshire Buff circle kit can perfectly showcase all these shades in one area.

Our range of circle kits are the ideal complement to our traditional paving range. Each kit includes the centrepiece and radiating circle pieces. A squaring off kit is also included as standard, allowing these stunning features to be integrated into an existing area of paving with ease.

Diameters listed include use of a squaring off kit.

£290.00£690.00 including VAT

Available Options

DescriptionPatio Diameter (Metres)Thickness (mm)Price
3.98m circular patio kit 3.9825-45£690.00 including VAT
2.84m circular patio kit 2.8425-45£445.00 including VAT
1.7m circular patio kit 1.7025-45£290.00 including VAT

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