Raj Green cobble setts result in an overall surface that ideal for use in areas that undergo high levels of vehicle and pedestrian traffic. The Raj Green cobble setts colouring is a mixture of soft browns and greens interspersed with the occasional purplish hue, making for a very natural, traditional and yet stylish look.

We can also provide these cobbles by the square meter. Please ask us for details.

£780.00£865.00 including VAT

Available Options

DescriptionIndividual Length (mm)Individual Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Coverage (m2)Price
10m2 driveway pack (450 pieces)20010040-6010.0£865.00 including VAT
10m2 driveway pack (810 pieces)10010040-6010.0£780.00 including VAT

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Not only do cobble setts deliver a chic and sturdy surface for driveways, but they can also complement paved areas of all shapes and sizes.

Cobble setts are ideal for spaces where cutting stones may be difficult or impossible, and these attractive and sturdy pavers are a popular choice for driveways or as an alternative to block paving. They are also perfect for use in an array of decorative landscaping projects including circular edging, patios, and even flowerbeds.