Copings are an essential part of finishing off any wall, patio/path. These attractive, hardwearing stones can be placed on the top of walls to protect them from weathering, rainwater runoff and damage over time.

Coping stones can function as seating on low walls around paths, flowerbeds or patios, or they can be used to create an attractive border or edging effect.

Our Raj Green style coping stones are an ideal companion to the paving range of the same name.

£4.86£21.60 including VAT

Available Options

DescriptionIndividual Length (mm)Individual Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Price
Individual calibrated coping56042050£21.60 including VAT
Individual calibrated coping56032050£18.60 including VAT
Individual calibrated coping75030030£12.14 including VAT
Individual calibrated coping60045030£14.58 including VAT
Individual calibrated coping60015030£4.86 including VAT

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