Bowland Windsor Paving

The Windsor paving range has a smooth-edged and lightly textured surface, very much in keeping with the consistently popular classic tones of natural Yorkshire stone. Its authentic looking colours make it an ideal choice for both town and country outdoor spaces.

This attractive contemporary paving is available in three shades: Portland Grey, Welsh Slate and Barley.


Available Options

DescriptionIndividual Length (mm)Individual Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Coverage (m2)Price
8.9m2 paving pack (25 pieces)600600388.9£375.30
13.5m2 paving pack (50 pieces)6004503813.5£502.20
9.1m2 paving pack (50 pieces)600300389.1£375.00
10.0m2 paving pack (50 pieces)4504503810.0£406.80
5.0m2 paving pack (50 pieces)450225385.0£263.40
4.5m2 paving pack (50 pieces)300300384.5£247.20

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