Ideal for traditional or contemporary settings, this natural-quartz wall cladding has a warm and creamy coloured theme. Its citrine, milky, amethyst, and green quartz tones also reveal hints of yellows, beiges, and pinks.

Corner pieces sold separately. Please ask us for more details when you order.

£42.00 including VAT

Available Options

DescriptionIndividual Height (mm)Individual Length (mm)Thickness (mm)Coverage (m2)Price
Pack of 3 pieces21560035-450.36£42.00 including VAT

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The ZClad cladding system is made from natural stone. With its stylish veneer and natural origins, it’s perfectly tailored for both traditional and contemporary building designs and specifications.

With panels that give a seamless finish, it’s a great option for straight walling and cornering due to seams being practically impossible to distinguish. Another benefit of using ZClad is that a wall can be constructed over a shorter period than conventional methods, boosting efficient and potentially reducing labour costs. Each individual and distinctive piece is constructed in a ‘Z’ shape to minimise the appearance of visible joins while ensuring a seamless fit with no need for specialist equipment or labour.

This system offers many advantages:

Straightforward: There is no need for specialist skills and no training is required to achieve a stone wall look.

Flexible: The applications for ZClad are limitless. Due to its straightforward installation requirements, it can be easily integrated into residential and commercial settings. Possessing high levels of resistance to intense temperatures, it can be used in internal and external applications.

Faultless: ZClad is made from natural stone, so possesses all the form and character you would expect in a dry-stone wall. Every piece is cut to a Z shape specification, allowing for invisible joins and ensuring that a seamless fit can be achieved without the need for specialist and expensive labour and equipment.

Quick to build: The ZClad design means it can be constructed in a fraction of the time normally taken to build traditional stonework. In fact, as much as 30m2 can be constructed daily in comparison the standard 3m2 usually attained when using random rubble walling.

Cost effective and environmentally conscious: ZClad produces less waste during construction than other methods. It also requires no maintenance once installed.