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Do your bit to help preserve local wildlife and make your project that bit more eco-friendly with our extensive range of bird and bat boxes. These hardwearing nesting boxes are built to last, and have been designed in close collaboration with nature conservation organisations and experts from across Europe.

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  • This Tawny Owl Nest Box provides a safe and comfortable nest site for this fascinating species. The box is manufactured from precision cut FSC certified exterior grade plywood to ensure that it is durable, affordable, and long-lasting. It features a well-drained floor area, and also has as a hatch that allows for easy access to the nesting area. No fixings are required for this box, simply strap it to a branch or attach it to a batten. For the best results, however, place this box in forests and other wooded environments.
  • This Traditional Bat Box is designed for small crevice dwelling bats, especially pipistrelles. The box is made from precision cut FSC certified panels, ensuring a dry, draught free, long-lasting box at an affordable price. It has a 20mm entrance slot, specially sized to deter birds while being ideal for small bats. The box’s grooved landing ladder continues internally for ease of access, and its flexible construction allows it to be easily changed to a single chamber bat box by sliding out the internal divider.
  • The Tree Sparrow Nest Box is a great way to help the declining tree sparrow population. All you need to do is put up one or more of these affordable and hardwearing nesting boxes - designed especially for tree sparrows - in your trees, hedges, fences, or buildings. It features a fixed roof which keeps out the weather and allows for fitting one box right on top of another, in close proximity, or joined together to provide nest sites for a growing colony of sparrows. The 28mm entrance hole box is ideal size and dimension for tree sparrows. Made from precision cut FSC certified wooden panels that have been treated with a water based environmentally-friendly preservative, it makes for a durable bird-safe home for sparrows.
  • The Treecreeper Nest Box has been designed especially for treecreepers and provides an affordable and hardwearing nesting solution where natural nest sites are rare. Simply mount the box on the trunk of a tree - preferably one with ivy - to encourage the birds to nest. The wedge shape of the box is designed to provide the ideal nesting site for treecreepers. It features small side entrance holes for the birds to access the internal cavity. The removable roof allows for easy access and cleaning. The base of the box has a slot for drainage to ensure it stays dry and comfortable for the residents. The box itself is made from precision cut FSC certified wooden panels treated with water-based, environmentally-friendly preservative for a durable and bird-safe nesting site.


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