Circles and Stepping Stones

Adding a patio or other feature is a tried and tested way of enhancing a garden or other outdoor space. We offer a wide range of easy-to-install patio paving kits, stepping stones and other centrepieces in a variety of shades and sizes. Whatever your garden’s look and available space, we have a kit to match.

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  • The varied sizes and shapes of these stepping stones will bring the rugged beauty of nature to any outdoor space. Available for individual purchase, they will add a talking point to smaller outdoor spaces and make for a distinctive feature in larger gardens. The attractive stepping stones are available in two shades: Buff and Twilight Grey.
  • Evoking the days of wooden railway sleepers and steam trains, the realistic appearance of these timber-effect stepping stones offers all the colour and texture associated with natural wooden sleepers, but without the maintenance. They can be purchased individually, making them an ideal option for smaller outdoor spaces.
  • The naturalistic and warm tones of these timber-effect stepping stones offer all the colour and texture of real wood. Hardwearing and visually appealing, they will add flair and style to any landscaping project. These low-maintenance stepping stones can be bought individually, making them ideal for use in smaller gardens.
  • This beautiful dual-toned golden and buff coloured stepping stone will make a wonderful addition to any outdoor space. The raised and detailed sunbust motif on the stone is sure to catch the attention of visitors and provide a sure grip for footwear. The Sunburst stone can be purchased individually, allowing the stone to act as a conversation or centre piece smaller outdoor area. It is also a perfect choice for making a statement in larger gardens.
  • Bowland Aurora Circle Patio Pack

    £269.99 including VAT
    Two contrasting colours are set in this beautiful garden feature, delivering a dazzling effect in the sunlight. The Aurora Circle is based on the design of the popular - and larger - Sun Circle. With its 1.8m diameter, the Aurora’s compact nature makes it a perfect feature for those with smaller outdoor spaces. These patio packs feature a striking mix of classic grey and barley. Squaring off kits are also available, allowing you to integrate this attractive design into a wider area of paving.
  • Bowland Baroque Oval Patio Pack

    £344.99 including VAT
    Its unique shape and beautiful, light-coloured finish ensures that the Baroque Oval patio pack will look great in any type of garden. This patio pack boasts a specially blended colouring and a subtle grey shade, while its large 3.2m width makes it an ideal choice for creating an alfresco dining area. Corner infills are also available, allowing you to integrate the Baroque Oval into other paving layouts with ease.
  • Bowland Cathedral Circle Patio Pack

    £209.99£499.99 including VAT
    Available in various sizes and easily integrated into your existing patio, the Cathedral Circle patio pack is a flexible and attractive option for creating a striking garden feature. The pack is available in three diameter sizes: 1.8m, 2.56m and 3.48m. Each pack contains all pieces necessary to create a full circle design. The Cathedral Circle patio pack can be squared-off using corner infill sets, converting a circle into a square formation with ease.
  • The Catherine Wheel patio pack provides a stunning visual display and looks amazing in virtually any space. This 2.09m diameter patio pack is available in attractive barley or weathered slate shades. Corner infill sets can also be used to transform the circle into a square patio with 2.28m diameter.
  • Bowland Chalice Circle Patio Pack

    £164.99£289.99 including VAT
    The Chalice Circle patio pack is available in a number of warming browns and cool greys and at two different sizes, offering great flexibility when designing an outdoor space. The compact design of these circle kits make them suitable for the smaller or larger garden, whether used on its own or in pairs. Squaring off kits are also available, allowing you to integrate this attractive design into a wider area of paving.
  • The Lakeland Star patio pack boasts striking, contemporary design features that will bring the 'wow' factor to your garden or outdoor space. Lakeland Star features a mix of two colours, gold and Cumbrian slate, or Welsh slate and Portland grey for a darker feature. Two variants are available: the North Star features the N, S, E & W compass points on the points of the star, while the Alternative Star replaces the gold 'brick edging' with paving in Cumbrian slate. Meanwhile, the Lakeland Sun creates a dynamic impression in an outdoor space and is ideal for brightening up any corner. This design comes complete in a mix of two dramatic colours, gold and Cumbrian slate. Both the Star and Sun patio packs include squared-off edges, allowing easy integration into other paving configurations.
  • With its deep, heavy riven surface, this paving is full of character and ideal for creating idyllic spaces with a rural impression. The traditional appearance of the Rectory Circle patio pack adds refinement to existing paved areas and other outdoor spaces. The standard 1.5m circle can be enclosed by corner infill sets to take its total dimension to 1.8m x 1.8m if desired.
  • The meticulously produced Stratford Octagon is ideal as a stunning stand-alone piece or integrated into any paved area. This 2.25m x 2.25m patio pack is available in a classic grey and natural  shades, complementing a wide range of paving options and aesthetics. As with the entire range of patio packs, every piece you need to create the design is included.
  • Bowland Sun Circle Patio Pack

    £399.99 including VAT
    The ever-popular Sun Circle will have a dynamic effect on any outdoor space. The 2.56m diameter Sun Circle features a dramatic combination of barley and classic grey stones.  Square offs are also available, allowing you to create a 3m x 3m square with ease.


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