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Our range of quality cobbles and driveway block paving offers many years’ durability and uncompromising performance. With an array of natural stone, manufactured and rustic versions available, we can accommodate your tastes, your driveway’s existing aesthetic and your performance needs.

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  • Possessing the look, feel and characteristics of natural granite, the Granite Style paving range is ideal for both gardens and driveways. This attractive block paving will bring a touch of class to outdoor areas of all sizes. This paving is available in three shades - light, mid and dark grey - and comes in single shade, mixed size packs.
  • Bowland Rumbled Block Paving

    £455.00 including VAT
    Rumbled block paving is designed to be hardwearing, making it ideal for use in patios, terraces, and driveways. The natural and subtle looking autumnal shades of the stone will help create the most charming features and conversation pieces, as visually striking patterns can be created by using a mix of colours. Available in four shades.... Autumn, Brindle, Graphite and Rustic.
  • Bowland Victorian Setts

    £362.00 including VAT
    The Victorian Setts collection is a simple answer for those wanting to bring a classic and elegant look to their garden or driveway. Based on a series of traditional and naturally hewn classic setts, these attractive cobbles instantly evoke the feel of bygone times and ageless gardens. Available in Diamond Welsh Slate and Chevron Terracotta.
  • Wyresdale Abbey Setts

    £267.00£320.00 including VAT
    The Abbey Setts paving range has been created to give driveways, pathways, and outdoor areas an authentic traditional appearance. The range comes five distinct colours - Ash, Burnt Willow, Charcoal, Orchid Flame and Rustic - which are certain to complement a wide variety of settings and uses. These Setts are made from premium quality materials, ensuring durability and uncompromised performance in the long term. They are also given an aged appearance to enhance their character. Available in three pack sizes with one size per pack, their versatility means any number of laying patterns can be adopted.
  • The Drivemaster 50 range is ideal for use in domestic driveways and also perfect for use in pathways. It is available in six colours - Red, Autumn Mix, Brindle, Charcoal, Bracken and Buff – this versatile and hardwearing paving is ideal for those looking to create different patterns and decorative features. Made from quality materials, the Drivemaster 50 range offers rich colours as well as long life and high specifications. Colour blending can be ensured by taking from a minimum of four different packs.
  • The Petra Contemporary range has been created to offer a modern-looking and fashionable appearance. This paving is available in four different colours - Charcoal, Ash, Brindle and Harvest - and is sold in packs comprising a mix of three sizes which are guaranteed to complement a host of different settings. Manufactured from are made from premium quality materials, their durability and uncompromised performance over the long term is assured. Each mixed size pack is comprised of:
    • 120 @ 120 mm x 160 mm
    • 120 @ 160 mm x 160 mm
    • 120 @ 240 mm x 160 mm
    Ideal for use in driveways, patios or pathways where a sleek, contemporary, and hardwearing finish is desired; their smooth, fine surface delivers a contemporary look with a pencil edge chamfer while their close fit design makes them wonderfully low maintenance once installed.


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