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We supply FSC-approved, kiln-dried British hardwood, semi-seasoned softwood, recycled kindling, firelighters. From individual buckets to bulk bags, for collection from Brockholes in Holmfirth or local delivery in the Huddersfield area. We also sell attractive and affordable outdoor heaters, patio heaters and fire pits – whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.

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  • These bulk packs of softwood are an ideal option for anyone looking for affordable bulk packs of firewood to store and dry and are suitable for any number of uses. Each bulk wood pack is the equivalent of two IBCs' (international bulk container) worth of wood, equal to over four of our standard bulk bags. We can also provide the IBCs themselves for ease of transport and storage. There is a cost of £50 for this, but we are able to offer a £25 refund per IBC if these are returned in reusable condition.
  • Easypave Kiln-Dried Hardwood Logs

    £8.00£460.00 including VAT
    These hardwood logs are a mix of kiln-dried British ash and beech. All our logs are FSC-certified and ready to burn, available in a range of pack sizes and delivery options including convenient buckets and larger bulk bags. Our bulk bags include approximately 180kg of logs.
  • Easypave Kindling

    £5.00£10.00 including VAT
    Affordable kindling - perfect for BBQs, fire pits, stoves, ovens, and wood burners. Our kindling is comprised entirely of reclaimed wood with minimal packaging. Our refillable buckets offer and especially environmentally conscious option for customers looking to minimise their plastic consumption.
  • Warma Natural Firelighters

    £5.00 including VAT
    Lighting a fire has never been easier or more eco-friendly than with Warma Natural Firelighters. Made from non-toxic, odourless materials, these easy to use and reliable firelighters are perfect for open fires, wood burners, pizza ovens, stoves, solid fuel cookers, BBQs and even camp fires. These firelighters are:
    • Easy to use - simply light and go
    • Eco-friendly - made from natural materials
    • Dependable - a long-lasting burn time makes for a reliable start every time
  • Warma Premium Kindling

    £4.00£8.00 including VAT
    Get your fire started fast with Warma Premium Kindling Sticks. Kiln-dried wood, sustainably sourced and easily stored - perfect for BBQs, fire pits, stoves, ovens, and wood burners. Plus, it comes in recyclable packaging for easy carrying and storage by the fire.
  • El Fuego Wood Fire Pit

    £150.00 including VAT
    The El Fuego Wood Fire Pit is among the most eco-friendly fire pits on the market. Not only does it emit only a fraction of the carbon emitted by traditional fire pits, but it will also burn for hours giving off a consistent flame. These fire pits use eco-friendly, vegetable wax candles, making them virtually smoke-free, odourless, safe, and easy to use. Simple to ignite and extinguish, this fire pit needs no attention, leaving you free to enjoy yourself. Its compact size and versatility make this fire pit ideal for smaller gardens and outdoor spaces, as well as urban areas. This model is also compact and light enough to be taken on outings, camping trips, and outdoor events. Comes complete with one 12-hour burn candle. Additional candles can be supplied.


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