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Keep your outdoor spaces warm and cosy with our attractive and affordable outdoor heaters, patio heaters and fire pits. We supply the heaters themselves, replacement fuel and even affordable firewood – whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.

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  • The El Fuego Wood Fire Pit is among the most eco-friendly fire pits on the market. Not only does it emit only a fraction of the carbon emitted by traditional fire pits, but it will also burn for hours giving off a consistent flame. These fire pits use eco-friendly, vegetable wax candles, making them virtually smoke-free, odourless, safe, and easy to use. Simple to ignite and extinguish, this fire pit needs no attention, leaving you free to enjoy yourself. Its compact size and versatility make this fire pit ideal for smaller gardens and outdoor spaces, as well as urban areas. This model is also compact and light enough to be taken on outings, camping trips, and outdoor events. Comes complete with one 12-hour burn candle. Additional candles can be supplied.
  • Firestorm wood pellet-fuelled patio heaters are incredibly stylish, ecologically friendly, and efficient. They will make a great addition to any outdoor spaces such as gardens or patios, adding a touch of class and drama to events and get-togethers. Once filled with wood pellets and lit, the flame will reach the full height of the Firestorm’s 1.5m high tube in under 15 minutes. The initial fuel will give over an hour’s worth of balmy heat and visually appealing flames, and more pellets can be added to the heater to extend the burn time where needed. Easy to light and extinguish, the Firestorm is an attractive, safe patio heater that makes for a great conversation piece.


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