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The right building materials are key to any project. Our range of cements, aggregates, jointing and fixing compounds are ideal for use with our paving and walling products, and the team is always on hand to help you choose the right materials for your project.

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  • Each ResiDual pack comes complete with a two part resin mixture and the required sand, ensuring you have everything you need to give your job the professional finish it deserves. Having tested a number of different resin jointing compounds, we firmly believe that this is the best quality and most long-lasting resin jointing compound on the market. We offer two shades of this product: natural/buff and basalt blend grey. Each pack includes enough compound to cover approximately 12-15 metres square, depending on the application, joint depth and width.
  • FirmGround Ground Reinforcement Mats

    £3.66£12.50 including VAT
    Ground mats offer a viable alternative to concrete products due to their versatility and ease of installation. We offer three different FirmGround ground mats: FirmGround39, FirmGround45 and FirmGroundHeavy. The entire range of ground mats is manufactured in the UK, and all are made from recycled high-density polyethylene. More polymers are added to decrease brittleness in the ground mats at low temperatures.
  • DECO-PAK Rapid Clear Winter Salt

    £4.00£10.00 including VAT
    Get ready for the colder months with this premium selection of rock salt, a tried and tested solution for combating snow and ice. Specially sourced and formulated for winter conditions, this premium rock salt is designed to melt ice quickly, making driveways, pavements, and roads safer for everyone. Its low-maintenance application and high performance ensure hassle-free snow and ice management during even the coldest of winters.
  • Snow Shovel

    £8.00 including VAT
    Make sure you're winter ready with our reliable, affordable and ergonomic snow shovels. Rock salt is also available, direct from us.
  • Easypave Pre-filled Sandbags

    £4.99 including VAT
    Sandbags are an economic and effective way of constructing a protective barrier when there is concern about rising water levels. These versatile sandbags also offer a number of other uses including stabilizing barriers and road signs, temporary river damming or even ballasting. Our pre-filled sandbags are supplied with around 14kg of reusable sand - the optimal quantity necessary for the bags to be used to their maximum efficiency. They are approximately 25cm x 50cm x 10cm when filled, allowing them to be used in a range of settings and spaces. Fast local delivery is available, and we can offer discounts on bulk orders.
  • EasyBuild Post Mix

    £4.20 including VAT
    This post mix is ideal for building fences with posts and is perfect for securing gate posts. Easy to mix, smooth, and durable; it offers a professional finish and offers the highest standards in terms of performance and reliability. Whether it’s for the garden or larger fencing projects, this post mix will meet your needs.  Each pack weighs approximately 20kg's.
  • EasyBuild Patio and Slab Mix

    £4.20 including VAT
    The ultimate solution for creating beautiful and long-lasting outdoor spaces, this mix has been specially designed for patios, pathways, and slabs. A high-quality mix, it offers exceptional strength, workability, and longevity. Rapid setting, durable and weather-resistant, its fine grading makes it the perfect choice for use in walkways, slab extensions, patios, and garden landscaping due to its smooth and durable qualities. Each pack weighs approximately 20kg's.
  • EasyBuild Sand and Cement Mix

    £3.90 including VAT
    Specially formulated with high-quality sand and cement in precise proportions, this is the ultimate blend for your construction and masonry projects. Thoroughly tested and quality-controlled to meet the highest industry standards, it ensures exceptional performance and durability whatever your project.  Offering exceptional workability, strength, and durability, make it your go-to choice when you need to guarantee professional-looking results. It is also perfect for use in bricklaying and blockwork, rendering and plastering, DIY projects, and general construction. Each pack weighs approximately 20kg's.
  • Offering flawless and long-lasting surfaces, this sand has been specially designed for jointing and filling gaps between pavers. High-quality and kiln-dried to perfection, it will deliver optimal performance and stability for your landscaping projects while being durable and weed-resistant. Versatile and sturdy enough for use in paver, driveway, patio, and commercial landscaping applications, it is an ideal choice for those wanting to achieve professional results without breaking the bank. Each pack weighs approximately 20kg's.
  • EasyBuild Concrete Mix

    £3.90 including VAT
    Thoroughly tested and quality-controlled as well as adhering to the highest industry standards, this concrete mix will ensure your building projects can meet the most exceptional performance criteria. Specially formulated with a precise blend of high-quality aggregates, cement, and additives, it offers outstanding strength, workability, and durability. Make this mix your go-to choice for achieving professional results. Ideal for use in foundations, pathways, and securing fence posts. Each pack weighs approximately 20kg's.
  • EasyBuild Sharp Sand

    £2.35 including VAT
    This sharp sand is great for bedding paving, concreting and lawn top dressing. Thoroughly tested and quality-controlled to meet the highest industry standards, it ensures exceptional performance and durability whatever your project. Its gritty nature means it can be used in concrete and potting soil mixes or to loosen clay soil as well as for building projects. Also ideal for use as a patio base, concreting, or laying paving.  Each pack weighs approximately 20kg's.
  • EasyBuild Mixed Ballast

    £2.35 including VAT
    Versatile and reliable, this ballast mix is composed of a blend of various high-quality aggregates. It has exceptional strength and durability, guaranteeing performance and reliability. This mix has been thoroughly tested and is quality-controlled to meet the highest industry standards while being easy to use. The mix is ideal for use in concrete mixing, mortar production, footings and foundations, and driveways and pathways. Each pack weighs approximately 20kg's.
  • EasyBuild Building Sand

    £2.35 including VAT
    Ideal for bricklaying and pointing, paving and rendering, this building sand is the perfect foundation for all your construction projects. High-quality natural deposits have been sourced and carefully processed, resulting in a finely graded sand that is stable, versatile, and easy to use. If you are looking for precise finishes with minimal effort and maximum efficiency, this is the product for you.  Each pack weighs approximately 20kg's.
  • UltraTile ProPave grout is a high specification, decorative, brush-in tile jointing solution. It is suitable for use with porcelain, granite, and natural stone. Available in Cosmic Black, Natural Cashmere, Storm Grey, and Pebble Grey, a colour exists to meet your grouting needs.
  • Ultra Scape’s Pro-Prime Slurry Primer delivers an excellent bond between the paving element - for example slabs - and the bedding mortar. It is suitable for use on mortar beds and all categories of paving elements, including porcelain. A single 20kg bag will cover up to 15m² and is quick and easy to apply. The powder requires only the addition of water on-site to be ready for use, making it a practical and effective option for all your slurry primer requirements.


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