Vivara Pro Chillon Low Profile Bat Box

This bat box can be used as a space for roosting and sheltering during the summer and mild winter periods. Its dark exterior absorbs heat from the sun which radiates inward to warm up the box interior. Increasing their warmth is essential for bats before they attempt to fly.

It is advisable to hang several boxes together as the bats that will use this box tend to gather in groups or colonies. This model of bat box is likely to attract the Soprano Pipistrelle, Common Pipistrelle, Nathusius’s Pipistrelle, Brandt’s Bat, Whiskered Bat, Common Noctule Lesser Noctule, and Brown Long-Eared Bat.

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Bats and their roosting sites are fully protected under both domestic and international legislation. This range of bat boxes has been created in partnership with a number of bat specialists to make sure every product is specifically suited to the needs of roosting bats or (in some products) hibernation or nursing spaces.

These bat boxes are perfect for use as part of an impact reduction strategy by developers, and also offer options for providing additional roosting habitats for bats in green spaces. The majority of these boxes are made using sustainable materials. In addition, no chemical additives are using during the production process.

The WoodStone used in many of these bat boxes has good thermal insulation properties, creating a more stable internal temperature. Its rough grained surface means bats will have the level of grip necessary to access the box, while its sturdy construction helps protect bats and other inhabitants from predators.


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